Joe Kit 6 - Everything for 3-6”pipe except camera saves $120.00 versus buying pieces separately !

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Kit 9 for 3" (76mm) to 6" (152mm) pipe inspections.

It includes the DrainTrain for 3” (76mm) pipe capable of navigating difficult curves and plastic P traps for cameras up to 1.375” or 35mm.

The Trapmaster capable of moving smoothly through 4 to 6” pipes including 4” PVC traps. The Mini Roller Skid which also works in 4 to 6” pipes while offering superior protection for your camera. These both handle cameras up to 1.562” or 39.5mm.

The PoleCat turns any push camera into a Pole Camera in seconds for looking in manhole covers and horizontal openings. The PoleCat can be used with any standard ACME broom stick thread pole. (not included)

We also include a 3 of each size pipesyders for a quick way to keep you camera or cable off the pipe walls. It is all packed and organized in a heavy duty waterproof plastic carrying case. 

This kit includes the following products:

  • Mini Roller Skid (URS4 Mini Roller Skid) - details
  • DrainTriain™ - details
  • TrapMaster™ - details
  • PoleCat™ - details
  • PipeSpyders™
    • URS-PS100 – (qty 3) .98-1.1”
    • URS-PS120 - (qty 3) 1.17-1.35”
    • URS-PS130 - (qty 3) 1.27-1.5”
    • URS-PSCBL01 - (qty 3) .38-.62"
  • Adapter Sleeves for URS4 & Trapmaster 
  • Case with Foam - details
    • Heavy duty Nanuk 930

All our Roller Skid kits save money versus purchasing the products separately. You can also replace any part of the kit or add to it in the future. If for example you start inspecting larger pipes and want to add the URS1 roller skid, no problem there is room in the case to add it in the future. We sell all products and repair parts and offer lifetime technical support. Everything designed made in USA except for the Nanuk 930 case which is maunfactured in Canada. Contact us if you have any questions or the best Kit or product options for your inspection camera and the type of jobs you do.