Joe Kit 6 - Everything for 3-6”pipe except camera saves $120.00 versus buying pieces separately !

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Lifetime Warranty Available on URS, URS Mini, TrapMaster, and PoleCat Products.
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It includes the DrainTrain for 3” pipe capable of navigating difficult curves and plastic P traps for cameras up to 1.375” or 35mm.

The Trapmaster capable of moving smoothly through 4 to 6” pipes including 4” PVC traps. The Mini Roller Skid which also works in 4 to 6” pipes while offering superior protection for your camera. These both handle cameras up to 1.562” or 39.5mm.

The PoleCat turns any push camera into a Pole Camera in seconds for looking in manhole covers and horizontal openings.  We also include a 3 of each size pipesyders for a quick way to keep you camera or cable off the pipe walls. It is all packed and organized in a heavy duty waterproof plastic carrying case. 

This kit includes the following products:

  • Mini Roller Skid (URS4 Mini Roller Skid) - details
  • DrainTriain™ - details
  • TrapMaster™ - details
  • PoleCat™ - details
  • PipeSpyders™
    • URS-PS100 – (qty 3) .98-1.1”
    • URS-PS120 - (qty 3) 1.17-1.35”
    • URS-PS130 - (qty 3) 1.27-1.5”
    • URS-PSCBL01 - (qty 3) .38-.62"
  • Adapter Sleeves for URS4 & Trapmaster 
  • Case with Foam - details
    • Heavy duty Nanuk 930

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