Questions & Answers from Wild Bill

Questions and answers with "Wild Bill" Knowles, the inventor of the Universal Roller Skid system by CPI Products / Cavallero Plastics. 

Question: Does my push camera fit your roller skids?

Answer: Most Push cameras fit, but it is very important to measure the outside diameter of the camera before ordering a roller skid. Some cameras also have a removable snow ball which can also be removed to better fit a roller skid.
We have researched most camera manufacturers and the link below is a look up table that shows what roller skids fit each camera. Contact us at 413-443-0925 if you can't find yours. 

Question: What the heck is a PoleCat?

Answer: A PoleCat converts any push camera to a pole camera. It allows the camera to be turned in many directions and locked in position to look into man hole covers or septic tanks. It has universal broom stick threads and can be used with an telescoping pole. (Bill is using one in the first photo) $29.00
Image of Pole Cat

Question:What if my URS1 gets stuck?

Answer: Our URS1 is designed with a place to attached a retrieval cable or rope. The URS legs collapse when the cable is pulled back allowing the URS and camera to be easily retrieved. In extreme cases if the legs are caught in a crack, they are designed to break and release the URS1. They are easily replaced and we offer extra legs in the Kits and a Leg Kit part # URS1-1041 (complete set) for $15.00. Extra legs come in the kits.
URS1 shown with retrieval rope attached
URS1 with retrieval rope
URS1 Leg Kit (below) Part# URS-1401 $15
Leg Kit for URS1

Question: Can I improve illumination inside the pipe?

Answer: For the URS1 we offer a Light Kit (part # URS1-L1 $50.00) the kit provide 3 LED waterproof scuba lights and mounting ties. Light kit showed installed on URS1. 
Light Kit

Question: What is a big wheel kit for?

Answer: For the URS1 we offer a 3" Wheel Kit (part # URS1-3WK) $15.00) it includes a complete set of 3" wheels for centering the URS1 in up to 14" pipes. The larger wheels also help the URS1 roll in larger pipes. 
Wheel Kit

Question: What Size Camera Adapters Are Available?

Answer: For the URS1 we have a 1.3"/ 33mm (# URS1-AS130 $15.00) and the 1.7"/ 43mm adapter (#URS1-AS170 $15.00). For cameras from 1.7" to 1.9" no adapter is needed. The Endzo adapter will allow cameras up to 2.5"/63mm will fit as long as the cable and spring are below 1.9" in diameter. 
Camera adapters

Question: What about smaller size pipes?

Answer: For 3" pipes we have the DrainTrain URS-DT3YW $120.00 which fits cameras up to 1.375" or 35mm.
Drain Train
For 4 to 6" pipes we have the Mini Roller URS4 $100.00 and the Trapmaster URS-TM $135.00 both accept cameras up to 1.56" or 39.5mm). A 1" adapter # URS4-AS100 and 1.3" adapter are available for these for $15.00 each. No adapter needed if camera larger than 1.3" and smaller than 1.56"
Mini Roller