About CPI Products

CPI Products is the sole manufacturer of the Universal Roller Skid product line. We design, create, and manufacture push camera accessory products that improve pipeline inspection. Our product line specializes in protecting, centering, and improving the functionality of how push cameras are able to maneuver though and inspect pipelines of all sizes. We leverage over 50 years of experience in plastics engineering and manufacturing to work with hard working professionals to create new, game-changing products. This approach represents our belief that honest and hard working professionals who are at the ground floor have the most detailed understanding on current industry processes.

All of CPI Product’s are manufacturer direct, made in the United States, and ship worldwide. Our new e-commerce web site offers lower pricing with free expected delivery within 5 – 7 shipping days anywhere in the United States. Customer feedback and reviews are welcomed and encouraged.

Engineering and Design – a full service product partner.

CPI Products’ Engineering and Design team consists of leading industry experts with experience in consumer part design. CPI Products offers a full range of services focused on bringing products from concept to reality. From its inception, CPI’s core specialty has been injection molding. However, as the evolving market revealed a greater demand for a full service solution provider, CPI has expanded its operations to include an in-house mold and product design team, a project-engineering department, a state of the art tooling department, and a variety of post-molding services. 

CPI Products has put a special emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. It is through this emphasis that we have developed a reputation that is truly "beyond expectations." We take pride in accommodating to the specific needs of customers by offering tailored, results-based products and services. Contact us to learn more.