Posted by Alex, CPI Products Team Member on Dec 9th 2019

Birth of Universal Roller Skid

In September of 2003, an inspection camera distributor approached Cavallero Plastics (CPI). They claimed the inspection camera industry had a need for a large pipe-centering device that was agil …

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Posted by Don Schaeffer, a guest writer on Dec 9th 2019

Interview with Bill Knowles, Product Developer

We are talking today with Bill Knowles, the Project Manager and Head of Automation for Cavallero Plastics and CPI Products. Bill is an expert in the plastics industry. He is the chief innovator, …

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Posted by Bill, A CPI Products Team Member on Dec 9th 2019

Case Study - High Rise Pipe Restoration

Discolored water is an ominous sign of a failing pipe system. “Rusty” water occurs when the zinc coating of a galvanized steel pipe begins to erode, allowing the unprotected steel to corrode by …

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