Legs for URS1 & URS1-W

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These are direct replacemebt legs for the URS1 and URS1-W.

Complete replacement set of legs for the URS1. Easily changed with 7/16” or 11mm wrench. If you break legs on the URS1 usually it is due to not using a retrieval rope when returning the camera. The retrieval rope reduces strain on the camera push rod cable and makes the URS1 come back much easier.

The URS1 leg kit includes a complete set of legs and a new key chain tag to identify where the retrieval rope or cable should be attached. If legs break, it is usually an indication that the operator is not using a retrieval rope which makes it much easier to retrieve the camera. The legs are designed to break if a leg or wheel becomes stock in a crack in order to allow the operator to retrieve the camera.  Wheels are not included in this kit, but also available. Installation of new legs and wheels is easy requiring only a 7/16” or 11mm wrench. Make sure not to over tighten the bolts which will not allow the legs and wheels to move.

Replacement Instructions