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Pro Kit


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The Pro Kit: Includes Universal Roller Skid, TrapMaster, Mini Roller Skid, PoleCat, 3" Wheel Kit, LED Kit.

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The Pro Kit:

Includes the Universal Roller Skid, Mini Roller Skid, Trap Master™, PoleCat™, 3" Wheel Kit, and the LED Kit. This product does not include a push camera.

Click here for the Pro Kit Plus.

URS1 (Universal Roller Skid):

The Universal Roller Skid (URS) was created to increase the effectiveness and lifespan of your portable video inspection system. The device’s ability to contract and expand for use in 6”-18” pipelines will allow you to use your portable video inspection system in applications that previously required expensive tractor systems. The URS1 allows for inspection cameras to negotiate multiple corners and bends and increases the depth range significantly. The URS accepts most standard push cameras under 2 inches diameter. The URS is constructed of lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant composite nylon.

Three pivoting arms dynamically adjust to fit the required diameter keeping the camera head centered in the pipeline at all times. No extra parts, tools or manual adjustments are required. Six rugged nylon wheels allow the skid to roll easily through the pipe. Optional auxiliary flashlights are available and mount securely to the roller skid to provide extra lighting. A safety harness comes standard for secondary/emergency retrieval.

  • For 6” to 18” pipelines.
  • Negotiates 6” to 45° elbows.
  • Maneuvers 8” to 90° bends. 
  • Keeps camera centered. 
  • Increases depth range. 
  • Increases camera lifetime.

Mini Roller Skid (Mini Universal Roller Skid):

Based on user response to the Universal Roller Skid (URS1) for 6”-12” pipelines and the demand that followed, CPI Products has developed the Mini URS (URS4) for 4”-6” pipelines. The Mini keeps your camera centered in the pipeline and protects it from wear and tear. Eight wheels mounted on the skid allow the camera to roll easily in 4” and 6” pipelines. The Mini easily negotiates 90° bends. The Mini URS is constructed of the same lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant composite nylon as the larger version.

  • Compatible with most standard push cameras up to 1.5” in diameter.
  • Negotiates 4” x 90° bends.
  • Eight 1” wheels help guide the camera through the pipeline.
  • Designed for easy maintenance, easy to clean.
  • Super tough composite — lightweight & durable, will not corrode.


The TrapMaster™ was developed to negotiate a 4" trap and keep your camera centered throughout the process. Eight wheels mounted on the skid allow the camera to roll easily in 4” to 6” pipelines. The TrapMaster™ is constructed of the same lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant composite nylon as the larger version. It provides a protective housing that increases camera lifetime.

  • Front section mounts at the camera head.
  • Rear section mounts at the optimal spot along the camera head or spring/gooseneck.
  • Each section has four wheels to help guide the camera through the pipeline.
  • Each section also features four rocking SeamLeaper™ wings that lead the camera around traps and bends.
  • Compatible with any push camera up to 1.5” in diameter.
  • Helps negotiate traps and bends in 4” and 6” pipelines.


The PoleCat™ drain & sewer video inspection system makes use of an accompanying Telescopic PoleCam. Use your push camera as a Telescopic PoleCam System!

  • Compatible With Most Standard Push Camera Systems.
  • Drain & Sewer Video Inspection Camera Easily Straps Securely into Place at the Pole Tip.
  • Mounting Knuckle Provides Full Swivel Capability.
  • Telescopic Poles Available from 1’ - 3’ Long up to 8’ - 24’ Long.
  • Optional Right-Angle Auxiliary Light Kit Mounts on Pole - Provides 10,000 Candlepower.
  • Lightweight, Durable, Corrosion Resistant Composite Nylon Construction.

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