When it comes to pipeline inspections for push cameras, there's been nothing like the Universal Roller Skid available before now. Not only is this product offering to streamline the inspection process with better visuals and easier applications, but also importantly protecting the costly inspection camera systems used. This is why the Universal Roller Skid is revolutionizing pipeline inspections. 

Easier Application and Better Visuals

Whether you're plumber, municipality worker, or a worker dealing with larger infrastructure like an oil pipeline – the URS will enhance pipeline inspections while making them easier. It has the ability to traverse pipelines from 6” - 18” in diameter, while negotiating 6” to 45º elbows and 8” to 90º bends. And the best part is the camera stays centered and protected from any debris.

The URS is able to maneuver and negotiate like this through the pipeline because of its superior design. This design includes three thin legs with two thin wheels on each of the legs front and back, for a total of six wheels. The legs contract and expand in a scissor like motion, forming to the size of the pipeline which it's navigating, all the while keeping the inspection camera centered in a protected cover.

Keeping the camera centered while going through the pipeline allows for better visual inspection, while the three flashlights (located and secured on the outside of the protective core) light the way. The camera being centered, keeps it above the water line and avoids debris.

Adjustments and Extra Design Elements

The URS comes with a small clip on the back section, which is fastened to a cord that can collapse the legs and wheels to the smallest height and size. By fastening a strong cord or string to this clip, the operator can pull this while pushing in on the camera cable, to collapse the URS and pull it out of a sprung junction.

Other innovative design elements include adjustment knobs on the front and back of the core center, where the camera and cable are located. These knobs can be finger tightened to firmly secure the camera inside the core in the front, and securely tighten the cable in the back, so when pulling on the cable, the camera head won't be stressed.

The URS is also made from corrosive resistant, lightweight, and durable composite nylon material, for ultimate long-lasting use in all applications. There's also a spacer sleeve located in the core center, which accommodates different sized cameras.

There are also three small flashlights, specifically designed to be fastened on the sides of the URS core area. These flashlights are attached with zip ties and secured into place with small notches. They fit snug into place, so they'll stay in place no matter the circumstances. These flashlights enhance whatever light is given off from the camera itself.

Also, the thin legs and wheels are designed to cut through the debris the URS encounters, while the contacting legs can navigate branches and jetting objects with the camera still remaining centered.

The Purpose of Using the URS

There are two main purposes the URS is designed for: enhancing pipeline inspection applications and protecting expensive inspection camera systems. The URS is a unique piece of equipment, that's revolutionizing the way pipeline inspections are conducted. The affordable cost of the URS, coupled with the durable long-lasting design and materials, make this a must have for plumbers, municipal workers, and any other workers dealing with pipeline inspections.

The Universal Roller Skid is sold by CPI Products and is manufactured direct, made in the USA, and shipped worldwide. CPI Products is a fully integrated commercialization company delivering market changing industrial products. To learn more about the Universal Roller Skid, please contact us today.