Universal Roller Skid Extensively Redesigned in Latest Version

Posted by Alex, A CPI Products Team Member on Dec 9th 2019

Universal Roller Skid Extensively Redesigned in Latest Version

CPI Products announces major improvements in the Universal Roller Skid product line -- the push camera centering devices and accessories for pipeline inspection. The newer model push camera roller skid accessories were displayed this year to good reception at the Water and Wastewater Equipment Treatment and Transportation Tradeshow in February 2016.

The Universal Roller Skid (URS1) is an elegant yet simple system for carrying out a wide range of pipeline inspections for any push camera. The roller skid has six wheels attached to three pivoting arms that dynamically adjust to center the skid and push camera inside various pipelines. Using a spring mechanism, the legs automatically expand and retract to the diameter of the pipe.

This design allows for easy maneuverability around various corners and bends while keeping the push camera centered at all times. This innovatory engineering advancement increases push camera functionality in ways that were never attainable prior to the Universal Roller Skid. Additional benefits include faster inspection, improved vision, camera protection, and increased lighting.

New Tail Pipe Design: The PVC tail pipe was replaced with an injected molded nylon pipe, which is stronger and more aesthetically pleasing than the PVC tail pipe.

Fitting Larger Cameras: Advancements include a new accessory part, "The Endzo," a front mounted adapter that allows larger cameras to fit on the Universal Roller Skid

Tighter Tolerances: The improved Universal Roller Skid is made with higher tolerances. Less space is taken by loosely fitting parts thanks to specially designed smaller bolts.

Improved Edge Design: Each part was redesigned with rounded edges for more comfortable operation in the pipes and less chance of resistance with debris.

Redesigned Wheels: The six nylon wheels were redesigned to allow sand grains to pass through and reduce the risk of the wheels binding.

Color Code Matches: The new model comes in new colors to better match the industry's color codes. The URS1 now comes in blue, red, and classic yellow.

CPI Product’s patented Universal Roller Skid was developed over 10 years ago. It includes nine separate injection-molded parts made out of 15% glass-filled nylon for prevention of corrosion. It is solely manufactured in the United States.

The Universal Roller Skid product line is designed to allow a greater amount of pipeline to be reviewed within one inspection session, while also requiring minimal set-up time. The various roller skid designs specialize in pipeline inspection between 4 and 18 inches in diameter.

For more information on the Universal Roller Skid and push camera accessories, visit CPI Products.