Posted by Bill, A CPI Products Team Member on Dec 9th 2019

The Mini Roller Skid Will Protect Plumbing Cameras and Enhance Pipeline Inspections

Having the right tools and equipment, helps plumbers to accomplish difficult jobs everyday. For instance: advances in technology over the years have brought easier methods for pipeline inspections with small cameras at the end of a pipeline inspection system cable. This advanced technology is expensive though, and with this in mind we've created the Mini Roller Skid. The Mini Roller Skid will protect plumbing cameras and enhance pipeline inspections at the same time.

Protecting the Pipeline Inspection Camera

The Mini Roller Skid is made for durable everyday use, and to protect your camera from wear and tear. The protection guards that generally come with a pipeline inspection system are inadequate in centering the camera and protecting it from durable use.

While keeping the camera solidly centered in the Mini, it protects and shields it in front without hampering the view. The adjustable screws on the back of the Mini Roller Skid tighten the cable, so it doesn't push against the camera from the back.

The cameras lights and visibility are retained, while it's protected from water by being elevated, centered, and snug in the pipeline. The Mini Roller Skid is made from durable, corrosive resistant composite nylon plastic.

Enhancing Pipeline Inspection

While the Mini protects your valuable pipeline inspection camera, it's also designed to enhance the inspection process. The eight 1” wheels on the sides (4 on top and 4 on bottom) help guide it through a 4” to 6” pipeline. The Mini can navigate and negotiate through bends of 90 degrees, while keeping the camera centered and protected from whatever materials are in the pipeline.

The ease of snaking the Mini through a smaller pipeline, enhances a plumbers' inspection process. The problems of snagging and getting stuck will be solved, so the goal of finding the problem within the pipeline can be focused on. The centered camera will enhance the view of inspection, so the problems inside can be more easily discerned.

An Innovative and Affordable Solution For Plumbers

As we said before: having the right equipment helps plumbers accomplish difficult jobs everyday. The Mini Roller Skid is a unique product only found through CPI Products, and is an affordable way to protect and enhance a plumber's pipeline inspection system.

Our Universal Roller Skid is made for 6” to 12” pipelines, but many times plumbers need to inspect smaller pipelines. Therefore, we've created the Mini, which can be purchased for under a hundred dollars. Considering its' benefits, long-lasting durable design, and affordability: this truly is a tool plumbers will want and need.

We offer products that serve a defined and useful purpose, in which there's a need for in the industries we serve. For everyday plumbers who need a durable and easy-to-use solution, there really isn't anything more relevant on the market. Most of the similar solutions are overkill for what plumbers need, not to mention very expensive and complex.


Plumbers will always be in demand, and being able to balance the right amount of technology with cost, is a key factor in profitability. Having a pipeline inspection system in place is necessary for plumbers, and with this in mind we've created the Mini Roller Skid.

The lightweight, durability, and superior design of the Mini, provides the protection needed to help the inspection camera last longer. In addition, it gives plumbers the enhanced view needed to identify problems within small pipelines.

CPI Products is based in Pittsfield, MA, and we're a fully commercialized company delivering market changing industrial products. Our products are all manufactured in the United States, and we partner with tradesmen to bring useful products to the market. The Mini Roller Skid is one of these innovative products we're offering, and we believe it'll greatly help plumbers in their everyday work. If interested in learning more or have any questions, please contact us today.