Plumbers will find all the tools needed to enhance their pipeline inspection camera systems with the Pro Kit Plus. This comprehensive kit includes all the great CPI Products designed to help residential and commercial plumbers with pipeline inspections. The Pro Kit Plus has all the innovative tools needed to protect plumbers' pipeline inspection cameras and get better visuals inside the pipes.

What the Pro Kit Plus Includes:

    • Universal Roller Skid

    • TrapMaster™

    • Mini Roller Skid

    • PoleCat™

    • 3” Wheel Kit

    • LED Kit

    • PipeSpyder™

    • Adapter Sleeves

    • Black Carrying Case with Foam Inserts

Keep in mind CPI Products also offers a lifetime warranty and a 30 day return policy with no questions asked on all of our products. The Pro Kit Plus is the most comprehensive kit we have available and is priced at $799.95. Buying this kit saves you about $120 from buying the items contained within it individually.

Universal Roller Skid

This is the main product included and can handle 6” to 18” pipelines. The three legs are able to contract and expand, and have narrow wheels on the end to smoothly roll along. This device is made to hold the inspection camera inside, so it can always be centered and be above the muck. It's constructed from lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant composite nylon.

The URS can negotiate bends at 8” to 90º and elbows at 6” to 45º while keeping the camera centered. The adjustment screws at the back and front hold the camera in place and take away any stress when the device is being pulled in and out of pipes. There are also slots for the auxiliary flashlights and a safety harness that contracts the device for easy extraction. The URS is compatible with most standard cameras 2” and under in diameter.


This a handy tool for smaller pipelines from 4” to 6”, P-Traps, and difficult spots with many bends and elbows. The TrapMaster™ consists of two separate pieces made of the same composite nylon as the URS. The front section houses the inspection camera and the back section is placed about an inch behind.

Each section has four wheels along the side of the four rocking Seam Leaper™ wings, which guide the device through the pipelines while protecting and centering the camera. The TrapMaster™ is compatible with any push camera up to 1.5” in diameter.

Mini Roller Skid

This tool is made from the same composite nylon material and is designed for 4” to 6” pipelines. The Mini URS is a one piece device with 8 wheels along the sides, which allow the skid to smoothly roll through smaller pipes. This device easily negotiates 4” 90º bends, and keeps the camera centered while protecting it from wear and tear.


Plumbers will find this a very handy tool to use when needing to inspect manholes, drains, sewers, or any open area hard to get to. Simply screw this device on a standard extension painter's pole and strap the camera on with the two nylon straps. Then the tool can be adjusted to bend to the angle needed to inspect.

3” Wheel Kit

These wheels are larger than the standard wheels on the URS. Using these 6 replacement wheels the URS can center the inspection camera in a pipeline up to 14” in diameter.


This kit consists of three LED lights designed specifically to be used with the URS. These can be clipped and strapped on the URS to provide extra light in larger pipelines. They're made from polycarbonate, which is resistant from chemicals, water, and corrosion. Each light has 4 LR 44 1.5V alkaline coin cells, a break-a-way safety lanyard, and colored lens discs.


The Pro Kit Plus comes with 3 each of 4 different sized PolySpiders™. Basically, these are designed to mount on the camera spring or push cable to keep them from pushing against the walls and creating sharp angles. These prevent cable locking and flexing and allow for a smoother inspection process.

Adapter Sleeves

The Pro Kit Plus also contains 4 different adapter sleeves. These are for the Mini, the TrapMaster™, and the URS. Basically, these are nylon tabs placed inside these devices between the front and the camera head. These provide extra protection, help smaller cameras fit snug inside, and eliminates any contact with the set screws.


The Pro Kit Plus contains all of the useful tools plumbers need to enhance the pipeline inspection process and protect their expensive pipeline inspection camera equipment. From pipes as small as 4” to as large as 18” and open inspections of drains, this kit has all the innovative tools CPI Products has to offer.

Save money and get all the innovative tools you need, in order to get the job done right. CPI Products stands behind the design and quality of our products, and that's why we offer a lifetime warranty. CPI Products, partnered with our parent company Cavallero Plastics, is located in Pittsfield, MA. All of our products are manufactured direct, made in the United States, and shipped worldwide. To learn more please contact us today.