Portable video inspection systems have become highly valued and commonly used tools in several industries including plumbing and among municipality workers. The cameras are even used in the oil, mining and gas industries. The value of utilizing portable camera systems is easy to understand, they make inspecting the pipes and searching for blocks and leaks easier, faster and safer.

Roller Skids take portable video inspection systems to the next level. The device easily increases the effectiveness and usability of video inspection systems. There are several options of Roller Skids available including the Universal Roller Skid (USR), the Mini Roller Skid and the Wohler Camera Skid. The Roller Skids act as a sort of camera mount. The camera sits in the middle of the Roller Skid and is secured in the center of the pipe by the arms of the device. The arms are adjustable and are able to fit into various sizes of pipe with ease, each arm also has two wheels to allow for easy movement. There is another benefit to utilizing the Roller Skid in the cost savings of protecting your push camera. There are several brands of cameras that are commonly used in video inspection systems. All of the push camera systems available have the same vulnerability, the camera leads the way, meaning it is exposed to water, sewage, roots and other debris. Therefore, it is worth looking at the cost of replacement and repairs that cameras can incur when they are not protected by a Roller Skid.

Ridgid SeeSnake

There are several different variations of the SeeSnake available from Ridgid, they come with the option of a standard camera or self-leveling camera. The standard camera is available in two different models.

  • The first, Color Camera Head–NTSC (115V) is available from several retailers online including MSI, PlumbersCrib and HeavyDutyStore.com. The average cost is $2,146.76.
  • The second, Color Camera Head–PAL (230V) is also available from multiple retailers online including HeavyDutyStore.com where it costs $3,220.97.

The self leveling camera comes standard on some models of the SeeSnake and can be added on to others.

  • The Color Self-Leveling Camera Head–NTSC (115V)  is available through several retailers online including MSI, HeavyDutyStore.com and Ohio Power Tool. The price range is between $2,503.57-$2747.27.

Vivax-Metrotech vCam-5 and vCamMX

The two push camera inspection systems available through Vivax-Metrotech are the vCam-5 and vCamMX. They use three different color and self-leveling cameras referred to as the D26, D34 and D46. Replacement camera heads can be ordered through a local dealer/retailer found on their website.

  • The D26 is the smallest camera it costs $900. 
  • A replacement D34 runs $1,153. 
  • The D46 costs $1,168. 

General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Eye POD

The Gen-Eye Pipe Inspection/Location Systems come in several variations and sizes. The standard Gen-Eye POD comes equipped with a color self-leveling camera. To get a replacement camera head you need to order through a regional dealer/retailer.

  • The cost of a new camera head is $2,400. 
  • There are local dealers who will recondition the camera heads by replacing the housing, the cost for refurbishing is around $1,200.

While there are many push camera inspection systems available the type of cameras they use are fairly standard. As you can see the price for a replacement ranges from $900 all the way up to $3,220. Most of the standard cameras cost around $2,400 for a new replacement. The availability and ordering process varies, though most local retailers or dealers do not carry the cameras in stock so there will be a waiting period to receive the replacement.

The Roller Skid is a one-time investment that will fit any video inspection system. Not only will it make pipe inspection easier, but it will also protect your investment. The cameras on these systems are small, precision instruments which are exposed to all of the elements, it makes smart business sense to protect your equipment. Without a working camera, the inspection system is not functional, causing downtime and costing money.

At CPI Products, we are committed to designing innovative, reliable and smart products. The Roller Skid is a patented design that we proudly offer to any industry utilizing push camera inspection systems. Contact us today for more information.