Posted by Bill, A CPI Products Team Member on Dec 9th 2019

Case Story: A Gator Rescue

One day a call came in requesting an immediate delivery to Florida of a Universal Roller Skid (URS). Upon request, a unit was shipped same day to Lake Buena Vista in Central Florida.

Product Link: Universal Roller Skid

Following appropriate procedures, the CPI Products customer service team reached out the next morning to make sure the Universal Roller Skid arrived on time.

When asked the nature of the expedited delivery, the customer replied, “There was an alligator stuck in a storm drain in our department. He was contained in the pipeline around a corner, therefore we couldn’t locate him with our push camera.”

The Universal Roller Skid allowed the inspection team to guide their push camera around the corner keeping it centered and well lit in order to adequately view the alligator stuck in the pipeline. In cooperation with the animal rescue team, secondary equipment was fed into the pipe passing by the sleek design of the URS. The alligator was sedated and lassoed for a safe retrieval. Local personnel preformed the emergency in a swift effort that saved the alligator as an approaching storm moved in on their position.

If you ever encounter an animal-in-pipeline-rescue-situation, feel free to contact the CPI Products team for pipeline inspection alternative solutions. Also call your local authorities.

CPI Products is a commercialization company that develops, manufactures and markets push camera accessories for pipeline inspections. They are the sole producer of the Universal Roller Skid product line.