While the construction industry rebounds and plumbing products become more in demand, finding the plumbers to complete the jobs will get more difficult. According to online publication Plumber, in an article written on January 7, 2016 called: “Demand for Plumbing Products to Reach $12.3B in 2019”, growth in the residential and non-residential market will steadily increase demand by 6.3% a year. This is good news for the industry, yet still hasn't attracted enough young people to become plumbers in order to fill the growing demand.


Young Plumber Tradesmen in Scarce Supply

“A shortage of plumbers and other skilled laborers is creating a squeeze in Sioux Falls.” This according to an article in an online publication called Angus Leader, written on March 27th, 2016 by Patrick Anderson, called: “Plumber Shortage a Drain on Homebuilders.

The amount of unexpected retirements of plumbing tradesman coupled with a shortage of interest in young people toward the trade, is creating a shortage in the plumbing industry. According to the article: “The industry is expected to add 49,100 openings by 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

Although the average salary and benefits of plumbing is increasing in many regions in the U.S. (Sioux Falls is $46,480/year), the interest doesn't seem to be there yet for younger people to become plumbers. This is creating a shortage of plumbers, which is in contrast to the increase in plumbing products and construction demands, especially in the next few years with more expected retirements coming from Boomer generation plumbers.

Tom Hines, Frisbees general manager, is interviewed in the article and explains: “Part of attracting the next generation of plumbers means battling a perception. Plumbing can be a hard sell for teens because it comes off as a dirty, labor intensive job.” Hines goes on to say much of plumbing is not dirty, “When it comes to new construction, you're dealing in brand new piping and plumbing that's never been used before.”


Plumbing Products' Rising Demand  

According to the article on Plumber, the projected rise in plumbing products is from a new study from the Freedonia Group, which is a Cleveland-based industry market research firm. The article states: “In the nonresidential market, increasing construction of such buildings as hospitals, hotels, educational facilities and offices will promote demand for fixtures and fittings, as these structures generally have many bathrooms and extensive kitchen facilities.”

On the residential side, the article states: “The residential market will see the most rapid advances, as strong growth in housing completions and design trends that call for homes with more and larger bathrooms and larger kitchens will boost demand for a broad range of plumbing products.” Also included in the projected rise is: “Such items as commercial-size kitchen sinks, whirlpool baths, and walk-in bathtubs...”

New construction, renovations, and water/energy-saving advances in plumbing fixtures, are all part of the equation in the projected increase. This increase being estimated to reach around $12.3 Billion in just 3 years in 2019.



The plumbing industry is looking bright with significant projected growth in the market, yet is this allure enough to attract young people into the skilled trade? Nevertheless, the work will get done, yet likely with more delays than people would like. Supply and demand will dictate a likely rise in the cost of hiring plumbers, as the scarcity of plumbers is projected to continue.

Younger people will likely catch on soon enough, as the salary and benefits increase to attract them into this great opportunity to become a tradesman plumber. The opportunity is there for those willing to learn, and who realize the negative perception of the job is more of an illusion. Especially considering the types of projected increases in the future are “clean-like” jobs.

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