Our product feature is the LED Light Kit, a lighting system for camera skids to give reliable and adequate lighting throughout your large diameter pipes. This light kit attaches directly to the Universal Roller Skid and provides extra lighting in addition to the lighting feature already provided by your push camera system.

LED Lights

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are bright light-sources with higher energy and better safety ratings than fluorescent, incandescent or other light sources. Because of their energy efficiency, LED lights give off light from a battery power source for longer periods of time than any other battery-powered flashlight. Families will even give small children small lights to keep in their beds and the lights will last all night. 

Long Battery Life

The long battery life of LED flashlights ensures that the system will not go dark as you are filming any length of pipe. This is one of the most sought after uses of LED systems, and the prime reason that remote controls and other communication systems used infrared LED lights as early as 1962. Long battery life and low energy usage increase the efficient lifespan of LED lights significantly over other lighting products. 

Corrosion Resistant Shell

The exterior of the lights in the light kit are designed to resist the corroding effects of water, acids and other corrosive agents found in the variety of pipes you may need to film. Rather than budgeting high turnover and replacement costs for cheaper flashlights, these flashlights will last through multiple uses, providing light to accurately assess and plan pipe fixes.

Small Size

The power delivered by these mini-flashlights is enough to see accurately in any project while still maintaining a small enough size to fit in any pipe that the universal roller skid (URS) fits into. Size is essential in any lighting system for the close confines of a pipe, and this flashlight attachment works great for larger pipes because of its small size. 

Although fiber-optic cables are useful for smaller lighting systems, the brightness and affordability of the LED Light Kit is worth the slight increase in size, especially since the larger diameter pipes are harder to light with a smaller, cable born lighting system that is normally attached to a push camera.

Colored Lens Disks

Depending upon your camera, certain light frequencies may cause issues. Night vision and infrared cameras both pick up frequencies of light that may be overwhelmed by bright white visible light. This product therefore comes with lens disk attachments to color the light according to your camera and software's need so that the information you obtain from your inspection is accurate and clear. 

Red light covers work well for infrared cameras, while other filters work for different cameras, and some filters may be useful for identifying certain types of leaks or chemical corrosion. 

These are some of the benefits of our LED light kit, a part of an integrated system for accurately and efficiently studying the inside of pipes. For more information on other products, on our LED lighting systems for the Universal Roller Skid, please contact us today.