Posted by Nick, A CPI Products Team Member on Dec 9th 2019

4 Benefits of Pipeline Inspection with a Universal Roller Skid

Pipeline inspections can be tedious, tormenting, and oftentimes fruitless undertakings. The key factor in implementing a successful inspection lies within innovative, dependable, and quality mechanics and tools. Companies look to modern technology to help troubleshoot inspection issues and many have discovered and begun utilizing video inspection faculties.

Video inspection has proven to be highly versatile and effective, yet only when paired properly with environmentally adaptable equipment. In order to gain full use and spectrum totality within pipelines, video inspection must be accompanied by a high-quality universal roller skid.

A universal roller skid is a three-pronged, rolling device created with lightweight, corrosion resistant, durable materials, meant to enhance vision within the pipeline and improve maneuverability. A URS is adaptable to most portable video inspection systems and can be used within 6 inch - 12 inch or larger pipelines. In turn, these aspects help to increase the time and efficiency of the pipeline inspection.

4 Benefits of Pipeline Inspection with a Universal Roller Skid

1) High-Quality Imagery

One of the most advantageous benefits of using a universal roller skid for pipeline inspections is the scrupulous quality of the imagery produced as well as the ability to screen all facets of a pipelines network, including difficult to reach nooks, corners, bends, and p-traps. It is also important to consider the ability to stay above the waterline. One of the main aspects enriched by this URS capability is the lighting. While maneuverability within the pipelines is essential, so is the ability to proffer adequate lighting.

2) Quantity Inspected versus Time and Cost

Universal roller skids also offer speed and agility, allowing a greater amount of pipeline to be reviewed within one inspection session, yet using less time. Not only does this increase customer satisfaction, but it is also cost efficient for both customer and company.

Providing shorter inspections with a higher quality product will increase the number of inspections companies can complete within a span of time, while also providing the customer with a proper inspection leading well maintained and safe pipelines.

3) Types of Inspection

For companies that offer various types of inspection services, a universal roller skid is essential. URS pipeline inspection broadens the breadth of inspection types including, but not limited to, sewer and storm lines, electrical and HVAC ducting, as well as random confined spaces that are generally inaccessible.

Companies that specialize in one inspection service have the option to expand their business to include various types of inspection services, offering growth and the ability to meet an ever-growing market.

4) Customer Documentation

When reviewing the assets of a universal roller skid, its important to keep in mind the main factor, the satisfaction of the customer. Universal roller skids help to balance a high level of customer satisfaction with cost saving and efficient design for the company. Generally, pipelines are a durable, long-lasting part of a buildings infrastructure, therefore home and business owners benefit from a quality video documentation that can be used for the future.

For more information on the history and life of the CPI Product's Universal Roller Skid, feel free to visit the following link featuring an article from Municipal & Sewer Water.

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