Plumbing contractors can market their pipeline inspection service, in order to generate leads and paying customers. Instead of using the pipeline inspection equipment as a way to troubleshoot the problem merely, it could be used as a marketing tool to generate work. Here are 3 reasons why plumbers should enhance their pipeline inspection service: 

    1. Marketable Concept: Preventative Maintenance

    2. Low or No Cost Introductory Service Attracts Customers

    3. Finds Problems to Fix and Customers to Work For

Marketable Concept: Preventative Maintenance

Non-plumbers simply don't have pipeline inspection equipment to conduct yearly inspections on their sewer and wastewater pipes. Residential and commercial businesses rely on plumbers and pipeline inspection technicians to see what's inside the pipes. This means there's  proven marketability in an enhanced pipeline inspection service.

Enhanced, meaning: innovative equipment, quick customer onboarding process, efficient and quick inspections performed by professionals, and the CTA marketing focus.

Idea: Bring this enhanced service to customers to provide a valuable service for a discounted price (maybe free with repair?), in an effort to develop brand recognition for the introductory pipeline inspection service. Basically, the people in the area should recognize the plumbing contractor by their low to no cost introductory service – people need to be ensured their pipes are clear, preventative maintenance is key.

Low or No Cost Introductory Service Attracts Customers

People aren't interested, generally, in considering their home or business's pipes, until a problem occurs, that is, and damage control and repair are needed. "Help!"

The powerful aspect of focusing on this "introductory pipeline inspection service," is that potential customers will hear this simple and compelling message: “get your pipes inspected to prevent any problems from occurring, and get peace of mind -- with our discounted introductory pipeline inspection service. ”

This, or a similar message would compel many home and business owners to call to get their pipes inspected – for preventative maintenance, instead of a reaction to problems (leak, noise, etc.).

Plumbers have to think about this with the right perspective, heavily discounting or giving away a free service is like paying for an advertisement in the paper or some other marketing method. Only better, because the potential long-term plumbing customer is getting paid instead; in other words, the money was well spent on converting customers from a target audience.

Finds Problems to Fix and Customers to Work For

A plumbing contractor's pipeline inspection service is like a tire shop's flat tire repair, or the discounted oil service at the repair shop – they're low-cost introductory services that build brand recognition and customer loyalty – essentially, this service finds problems for plumbers to fix.

The better and more advanced the pipeline inspection equipment is, the faster and clearer the plumber will be able to inspect the pipes and find any problems. If there's a problem to be found, the plumber likely will have a job; if there isn't a problem with the pipes, the plumber has a potential customer in the future and maybe collects a discounted fee. A good practice is to say: free inspections with repair, which means a small fee if no repair. Plumbing contractors have a practical way to find work with this strategy.


Enhancing pipeline inspection equipment is something plumbing contractors are interested in, even without desiring to enhance this service for marketing reasons. The good news is there are affordable solutions for contractors to upgrade to a durable, accurate, and time-saving pipeline inspection system.

CPI Products' Universal Roller Skid, and the entire Pro Kit, should be part of this enhancement. CPI Products' innovative solutions are designed to enhance pipeline inspection equipment by: protecting, centering, and moving the pipeline inspection camera and cord through 4” to 18” pipes, bends, elbows, and traps.

Plumbing contractors have many equipment wants on their wish list, yet pipeline inspection equipment should be a priority. Contractors get a lot of “bang for their buck” with affordable quality products like CPI Products' Universal Roller Skid, and enhancing the pipeline inspection service and equipment is a win-win situation for everyone. To learn more about our innovative products, please contact us today.