Posted by Alex, CPI Products Team Member on Dec 9th 2019

Birth of Universal Roller Skid

In September of 2003, an inspection camera distributor approached Cavallero Plastics (CPI). They claimed the inspection camera industry had a need for a large pipe-centering device that was agile, durable, and easily attachable to a push camera for pipeline inspection.

They requested the ideal target would be a device that could easily adjust from 6 to 12 inches, keep the camera on center inside of the pipe, and negotiate 90-degree corners. While the design proved challenging, Bill Knowles, a product developer for CPI, was leading the task.

Bill designed the first draft of the Universal Roller Skid (URS1). He led the design team to produce a working prototype within three months. After the prototype was complete, thirty-five units were produced and shipped to testing participants globally.

Testing participants relayed back pivotal information and feedback, which further expanded the thought and development behind the Universal Roller Skid. Following several rounds of testing, the main design was finalized for production.

A push camera is easily inserted into the base of the Universal Roller Skid. The design consists of three pivoting arms that automatically adjust to fit the required diameter of the pipeline, keeping the camera head centered at all times. Six rugged nylon wheels attached to the three that arms allow the skid to roll easily through the pipe. The design allows the push camera to maneuver through multiple bends and corners allowing for deeper and faster inspection.

As a result from live testing, more advancements were made on the Universal Roller Skid. CPI was able to add features to the Universal Roller Skid like flashlight mounts for larger pipes, 3” wheel options for large seemed and corrugated pipes, sleeves for custom camera fits, and a retrieval line for easy exiting.

After two years of testing, the Universal Roller Skid was ready for full production and since then, has been a staple in the industry for push camera centering accessories. The device ultimately allows residential and commercial plumbers conducting pipeline inspections to use their push cameras in ways not possible before the Universal Roller Skid.